Through the eyes of grace we can see the glory in all things.
The beauty found within the heroin addicts in Paris and Madrid, homeless in Lisbon and Delhi does not decay at the side of the road nor does it fade when forgotten or disliked.  Decaying brushstrokes laden with weighted pigment roll across rough canvasses.  Spotlights of color bring forth the drama of men set upon these lofty stages of judgement.  Amidst the corruption of decadent patrons at an infamous S&M Dinner Club, and at a birth of a god in the Paris Metro lie vulnerabilities that unite us in beautiful decay.
Pieta                                                                                                                         Oil on Canvas 3' x 4'
Lazarus                                                                                                                    Oil on Canvas 3' x 4'
Judgement                                                                                                              Oil on Canvas 4' x 3'
Birth                                                                                                                          Oil on Canvas 2' x 3'
Binding                                                                                                                     Oil on Canvas 3' x 4'
Magdalena                                                                                                              Oil on Canvas  3' x 4'
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