A Japanese Man Self-Immolates on June 29th, 2014 after reciting an anti war poem by Yosano Akiko in Protest of PM Abe’s Plans for altering the course of the Pacifist nation towards a more aggressive militaristic nature. Little is know of the man as he has since disappeared, the Japanese government and media buried the story and information on the man. 
Translated excerpt from the poem. Pray Thee Do not Die
“I pray thee do not die,
The Heavenly-Prince does not himself 
Lead by his own august presence his troop to battle. 
For to command that men shed blood of men, 
And die following the beastly path, 
And tell us death be the glory of men, 
If his Highness' heart be compassionate,
How could he truly think it so?”

Article 9    Oil on Canvas  5' x 4'                                                                                                                                   
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